Jumper Frog Game Mobile - AKAOT

Jumper Frog is a classic game from way back. You can now play Jumper Frog on your mobile phone, ipad, tablet and computer. When you think Jumper Frog, Frogger comes to mind, but this is a similar game.

Jumper Frog Mobile

Jumper Frog is kinda the same as Frogger. You will need to move fast though to get your frog across the highway and the river to safety. See how to play this game below.

Jumper Frog - How to Play

Your frog will first start off before the busy road. Use the right, left, up, and down arrow keys to move your frog. On Mobile use your finger. Don't get run over by all the traffic. Your aim is, you need to get across the river ok. Jump onto logs and turtles and then you need to end up in open space at the bushes. Get a fly for extra points.