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Bullying, hate posts on social media


AKA Moderator
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Does anyone hate when you have your say in a post on a site like Facebook and people write silly and mean stuff that has really nothing to do with the post topic? I'm at the stage where I just like stuff that I agree with, because if I write something it turns into a debate. I like to debate but on Facebook it's more of a hate debate from others. Social media use to be ok, but now I think social media is just turned to hate. I do ignore most hate posts, but something's can get to me. I just reply to friends and family now and I don't really use social media much anymore.

I have recently been joining forums, there is still hate but a lot less. Does anyone here get bullied on any social media sites? I don't get bullied, I'm just curious to read others stories about Facebook or what has happened to you or someone you know.

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