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Looking for Avatars for the Avatar Gallery

Discussion in 'Graphics, Artwork & Design' started by Sasha, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Sasha

    SashaSasha is a Verified Member Admin Administrator

    United States
    If anyone is good with Photoshop or other editing software, we are looking for avatars to add to our avatar gallery for member's to chose from. We do have a pack of avatars, though we think they're out dated. We would love to see avatars more up to date with the times.

    If anyone has any spare time and could please create some avatars, this would be good thanks.

    Avatars size: 200x200 pixels.
    Categories: TV Shows, Movies, Teens, Celebrity, Singers etc. Nothing that breaks the rules of the forum, example: No aduIt content, Thanks.